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Batman is a very dignified red, male Cane Corso

Batman is a snuggle hunk of a Cane Corso. He is a beautiful male, extremely loyal and very quickly becomes very attached to his human companions. There is nothing about Batman that suggests "old" other than his long history. He loves to play and snuggle all day!!

Batman was a NYC Stray, living on the streets trying to survive in the dead of winter. He became very ill with parasites and was infected with heartworm. With severe weight loss, a heavy cough and draining ear infections, Batman was taken into the shelter to bring him to safety where he became even more ill by contracting pneumonia! This gorgeous guy was fortunate to have been chosen by Rescue Angels while "on death row" at this high kill shelter in Manhattan.

He was brought to foster care for some TLC and was welcomed into our Rescue Program. We've had the pleasure of caring for, working with and watching him develop into a strong healthy boy while he learns proper behaviors and gradually gains appropriate weight with his new healthy nutritional program.

Batman has been doing extremely well as a Rehabilitation Resident; playing ball, learning to trust, using his confidence only where necessary. I can't say enough about this amazing dog. He has truly introduced me to what a beautiful breed the Cane Corso can be. This is a dog who not only was struggling to survive but was on the euthanasia list at a high kill shelter for poor health and improper temperament. His remarkable "come back" (for lack better words to describe it) has me in awe at his strength and ability to trust and friend a perfect stranger enough to live.

Batman is an active boy, most likely aged between 4-5 years old. Coming off the street as a "stray", everything is a guesstimate. He loves to run and play, chase a ball, swim and especially looks forward to night time snuggles and massages. He is an honest dog who not only deserved to survive, but deserves to feel the love of an owner he can call his own in 2014.

Batman has his very own FACEBOOK PAGE with current daily updates, photos and videos of his daily care. Visit "Batman Corso" often... "like" and "share" his page!!

Batman is beyond handsome, his heart is HUGE with affection and appreciation.

Here is a quick update with Batman's progress:

10 months ago he started rehabilitation as a Rescue Barn foster first with me on Cape Cod then transferred with us to Connecticut. Batman has been one of the most pleasurable (and challenging) rescues I have shared my time with. His rehabilitation started very rough and he has been thru almost every stage of emotional change as he has regained his health and overall balance. I'm absolutely overly impressed with him and his progress, he is an AMAZING dog... and now, as a healthy, well mannered, mature, bold and powerful teddy bear, "Batman" is Available for Adoption! Whoever adopts him is in for some real love.
His adoption requires a securely fenced yard so he can enjoy the running playtimes he deserves. He is not a dog who will find success playing with others at a "dog park" (most mastiff breeds are not) but he will offer his unending loyalty to you at home with his family. He is looking to live spoiled and appreciated as an only child although he adores children of all ages and is respectful of and enjoys other animals. He is a GORGEOUS, true to the breed Cane Corso inside and out and will steal your heart as an ultimate snuggler...
Batman shows the extreme loyalty and sensitivity of the Cane Corso breed, along with the potential of the breeds guard behavior. He (like most Cane Corso's) will not do well in a home where there is a lot of in and out with friends or constant varied schedules, stability in the home is a must with Corsos. The original intent as a one on one guard will fail in a family with chaos and an unstructured environment. If your home is "busy" then the Corso is not the correct breed for you.

Batman is strong, healthy and kind. He is a powerful dog weighing about 115-120 lbs. His intelligence is impressive, he is focused and trusting. Batman is a sensitive dog who will be very much a part of the emotional life his family leads. He rides well in the car, likes (LOVES) to show off in public, appreciates other dogs, attention from people and children and will always quietly be the center of attention. He is a true "Rescue".

Batman's first veterinary appointment was July 8th at Trumbull Animal Hospital, Trumbull CT. This appointment included blood work for re-diagnosis of the Heartworm and need for treatment, culture for ear draining and more blood work for senior health and kidney function.

Batman came thru with flying colors and has been approved for treatment. His blood test showed an extremely healthy animal with no concern for any internal organ damage or malfunction. We are celebrating Batman's life and have moved forward with treatment for heartworm and expect full recovery! Batman!!

Batman's next appointment will be for x-rays and ultrasound since his Heartworm Test still came back positive to determine the next steps for treatment. This appointment is estimated at $400.00 with a cardiologist and are the initial steps towards treating him against this advanced infestation. Heartworm Treatment is a lengthy process and in total will be an approximate total cost of nearly $2200.00

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Watch for Batman on Facebook ("Batman Corso") where we will continue to post all *new*, updated photos all the time. Watch live video clips of Batman below...


Contact us for an adoption application


Our Rescue Barn has available for adoption Molosser Breeds who have become homeless, have successfully completed our Rescue Rehabilitation Program and are ready for placement.

To inquire about Batman and his potential adoption contact us for an adoption application. The application will then be returned to you by email for your review and submission if interested. This application gives us a basic picture of your current living environment as well as your family's expectations. Once we receive the completed application, we review the questions and answers as compared to the needs of the individual dog you are inquiring about (ie: it would make no sense to pursue a potential adoption with a family who has three cats if the dog isn't fond of cats)

Once it is determined that Batman may fit wonderfully into your home, we will arrange a time to meet when it is of convenience to you so that you can better understand his characteristics and individual needs. We do allow out of state adoptions although we require at least one "in person" meeting with all of our potential adoptive families prior to selection and placement of our Rescue Dogs. Videos of our Rescue Dogs are available upon inquiry



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