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"Coal" is a 21 month old Cane Corso Puppy

Cole is the loveliest black Cane Corso Puppy ever to steal our hearts..

Cole was surrendered as an adolescent puppy to a local shelter in MD. After a few weeks, the shelter workers found him "too difficult" for adoption. He was a happy and fun loving pup with 110 lbs of excitement to control on a leash (and had never been on a leash). He was the equivalent of a Baby Stallion ready to run in the fields.

Coal was 11 months old when we welcomed him into our Training Program. He was transported by volunteer rescue transport from Maryland out of the Shelter to Connecticut (our Rescue Program home). His evaluation was slow as he was such a handful which we allow for with stress and change. Rescued animals will generally need time to show their "true colors". We always let the new dog settle in for several weeks, a three week period at least.

After a few weeks of allowing him a chance "get used to" his new environment, we realized Cole is a "special" dog. His needs are "different" as are his abilities. Cole learns slowly, becomes very upset easily and his progress is equal to the patience given. Cole is a strong, excitable, genuine baby Corso who needs one on one care, stability, patience and STRUCTURE. He will do best in a stable environment as many of his needs and behaviors bounce off the sensitivity and emotions of his home environment and surroundings.

Coal has grown up and matured in our Program. We are celebrating his one year anniversary in our Rescue Rehabilitation program and has made enormous progress in a basic and slow training program. He is a HUGE part of our hearts, our playground and our home and will make a very special companion for a unique family.

Coal will require a "special" owner with time and patience to spare. Coal does his very best to bond, understand and respect his owner. He will mature into a lovely boy with time and consideration of his abilities.

Coal has his very own FACEBOOK PAGE with current daily updates, photos and videos of his daily care. Visit "Charcoal Corso", "like" and "share" his page!!


Coal is a super hero in his own mind. He is active and playful and requires regular exercise along with continued structured training. Coal is a beautiful purebred Cane Corso with natural ears and a docked tail. His weight is about 125lbs and has a short dense (very shiny) black coat.

Here is a quick update with Coal's progress:

One year ago I couldn't take my eyes off the photos sent to me from the Maryland Shelter inquiring for Rescue help for this gorgeous dog. The photos were blurry, dog looked young and skinny. I asked for a video to confirm that he was a Cane Corso and not a lab mix or something "else" (?). When the video arrived in my inbox I found myself over impressed with Coal (once named "Brutus") and his powerful running back, forth and around (and around) in the shelter's play area. I could hear his deep-chest grunting as he ran. I chuckled, he was a a real "man of a mastiff-puppy". The attraction came very easily and I thought how adoptable he would be with basic training and one on one attention.

We had recently "recovered" from the Sandy Hurricane and the dogs were coming in from everywhere. For some reason, I saved a spot for Coal as communication with the many shelters went back and forth. And so it goes... here he is, one year later. The spot I saved was in my heart. Something told me thru the photos that only "I" was going to help this guy. The shelter workers told me "we can't show him for adoption, he's too much animation".... and that he was!

I received Coal at a highway rest stop in NJ. The transport volunteer drove away as I walked the prettiest puppy Corso along the grassy area before heading back to CT in my van.

That was the beginning. The beginning of a year of Coal, or better put... THE year of Coal.

Coal is a gorgeous puppy, all 130 lbs of maturing, happy, constantly moving, all about fun and desperate for attention COAL! Coal has been a true test of my abilities. He has taught me everything there is to know about patience, persistence and positive reinforcement. Coal has proven that each dog is unique to his own skills and abilities and no matter how quick or alert (or strong) you may be, a Corso is quicker, more alert AND stronger.

Coal has come a tremendously long way, one year is just his beginning. From jumping, barking, mouthing and chewing to a great companion in the car and on a trail walk. He is a special needs dog who requires a different kind of patience, enormous amounts of mental stimulation and solid structure in the home. Coal will blossom into an amazing dog in special hands. He will need continued, structured training. I have an enormous amount of love for this guy as he gives it his best try under the incredible amount of chaos that is in his head. He learns slowly although very precisely. He is easily distracted and sensitive to change. He requires stability and matter of fact handling. Elevated emotions elevate his behaviors.

He is all fun, all the time. Coal is a happy guy who loves the ocean, the park, the outdoors and the world. He is not shy about anything and lives on a day to day rainbow of brightness. He is my reminder that nothing is worth getting so upset over. Coal has taught me the art of patience and reward. Coal is an amazing dog. I am nothing but proud to be his Rescuer and eventually hope to share him with someone willing to give him the same chance I have. He's not an easy dog at all, but he sure is easy to fall for.


Please follow his Facebook Page for daily (or weekly) updates and photos. He changes so much month to month and with maturity he has grown into "a very cool dog". There are so many photos I want to share of his outings, they are all uploaded on FB.

His adoption requires a securely fenced yard. He enjoys being outside and will take advantage of any chance to get dirty. He enjoys playing ball, rolling in dirt, going for leash walks and lounging in the cool grass. Coal LOVES to play in water (with the hose, in his own doggy pool or at a lake.. anything water).

He is not a dog who should visit a "dog park" (most mastiff breeds are not) but he will behave if supervised and controlled (on-leash) in the company of other animals. He is looking to live spoiled and appreciated as an only child although he absolutely adores children of all ages and is fairly respectful of other animals. He will not be ok living in a home with small children (although he would love it!), he is too rough to be cohabitating with little ones.

He is a GORGEOUS, true to the breed Cane Corso, very "manly" inside and out and will steal your heart as a companion. Coal is not a snuggly dog, he will not be found curled up in your lap without you getting injured, he's much better to live with as a dog with structured rules and a controlled environment.

Coal (like most Cane Corso's) will not do well in a home where there is a lot of in and out with friends, stability in the home is a must with Corsos. If your home is "busy" then the Corso is not the correct breed for you. Coal is a "special" dog and will require special living environment.

Coal is about 125 lbs and up to date with his vaccinations and health care. He is neutered and is ready for an appropriate adoption. He is incredibly healthy with no concerns. Coal is still a growing puppy and will require increased food rations until he is fully matured (we feed grain free "Acana").

Contact us for an adoption application.


Please consider donating to Coal's ongoing care



Our Rescue Barn has available for adoption Molosser Breeds who have become homeless, have successfully completed our Rescue Rehabilitation Program and are ready for placement.

To inquire about Coal and his potential adoption contact us for an adoption application. The application will then be returned to you by email for your review and submission if interested. This application gives us a basic picture of your current living environment as well as your family's expectations. Once we receive the completed application, we review the questions and answers as compared to the needs of the individual dog you are inquiring about (ie: it would make no sense to pursue a potential adoption with a family who has three cats if the dog isn't fond of cats)

Once it is determined that Coal may fit wonderfully into your home, we will arrange a time to meet when it is of convenience to you so that you can better understand his characteristics and individual needs. We do allow out of state adoptions although we require at least one "in person" meeting with all of our potential adoptive families prior to selection and placement of our Rescue Dogs. Videos of our Rescue Dogs are available upon inquiry



Adoption/Surrender Inquiries to:

Mary Hannigan, Rescue Barn 860-946-9538



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