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Rock Star is 20 month old Male American Mastiff


Rock Star is a loyal Mastiff Puppy who is attracted to the Ultimate Family Model. He takes his work as a family man seriously and becomes the center of attention quite easily. Rock Star is nearing two years old and working on making it thru maturity and adolescence without getting into too much trouble.

Super sweet, super big, happy and fun... Rock is an impressive male who desires a whole lot of attention. He was surrendered to our program by his owners who couldn't keep him for financial reasons when Rock was increasingly in need of professional training. Rock is a lovely boy with his family. He is sweet, quiet, kind and loads of fun. He needs proper re-socialization with introductions to strangers for better control.


Rock is crate trained and housebroken. His veterinary care is up to date, he is neutered, vaccinated and ready for adoption. His placement will require a securely fenced yard. Rock gets along very well people of all ages, although his introductions are still in need of proper coaching. For this reason his adoption will require a home with no small children.


Although he will need continued socialization training and reminders, Rock is doing very well with his training.

He is very patient, very sensitive and will do well with a stable home.

Watch for "Rock Star-Warrior" on FACEBOOK where he has his OWN page. We will continue to post all *new*, updated photos all the time.


Rock is a big healthy Mastiff puppy. He has a huge heart and a giant will to run and play. As big as he is, is as big as the responsibility of sharing your home with him is.

Someone once told me in their own "description" of owning a Mastiff: Big Dogs are Big Responsibilities. 


Here is a short clip to update his progress:

This dog is FUN, FUNNY and appreciates a good laugh!

Rock is still having difficulty not being the funny guy on approach to people whether it be at home or in public. He will need to continue working on "not jumping/lunging" and controlling his introductions. He is otherwise a soft mannered dog, gentle and very charming. Rock has learned well, understands proper behavior and is quite good at flipping over for belly rubs almost ANYWHERE without notice (he is ALWAYS the life of the party)!

He loves to run and required with his adoption is a securely fenced yard. He is still a puppy and will need to be able to just "be himself" in a fence of his own home to romp and dance before expecting him to walk on leash with proper manners at most times. He is great in the house and loves the beds. Rock will snuggle up on anything from a towel, shirt or jacket, to a sofa or king sized bed. He appreciates his dog beds and is very good about finding his place in the living room. He is housebroken and is used to being crated if he isn't supervised. Rock can be destructive if left unattended.

Rock does well on the leash, knows sit and down along with some high fives. He is very well trained and smart enough to train his new owners in proper Mastiff spoiling. He is not a dog who can be walked by a small child and will be looking to live in a home without children although he adores being "one of the kids". This is not a dog who will do well in a "Dog Park" setting although he appreciates proper, controlled and supervised play with other animals.. he's really Mr. Fun Guy.

Rocks adoption requires a patient owner and continued individual training. He is a young mastiff with potential to give a good scare to unsuspecting approaching fanciers or visitors. He will need a confident owner with a great sense of humor. Rock is ALWAYS known to be the life of the party and he will want his owner to party on!!

Rock is a sensitive dog with a heart of gold. He loves to cuddle and has the softest coat of any Mastiff I have ever known. His fur is truly one of a kind softness! He has some sensitivities with food which are controlled thru diet and proper hygiene care. He is on a special grain free diet (Acana) and does very well. He is a large dog who weighs about 130 lbs. His needs are that of a growing puppy so his diet requires increased amounts when feeding until he is fully matured (sometimes this can be up to three years old). He sleeps a lot (again, he is a growing "puppy"). Although he is "energetic", Rock is a "less active" dog. He would not be a good candidate for jogging or hiking.

Rock is unusually sensitive to the heat, summer months are difficult for him... he LOVES to swim and has his own fan to keep him cool during naps. He should be in a home who uses air conditioning and is well educated in the occurrence of heat stroke in large breeds. This is quite a large concern that many omit to consider when adopting a mastiff breed.

This is a snuggle dog who will add comfort to any heart. He's a true gem behind all his risqué comedy.

Contact us for an adoption application.


* URGENT * Foster Homes Needed * Adoptive Families Needed * Donations Needed * URGENT *

Our Rescue Barn has available for adoption Molosser Breeds who have become homeless, have successfully completed our Rescue Rehabilitation Program and are ready for placement.

To inquire about Rock Star and his potential adoption contact us for an adoption application. The application will then be returned to you by email for your review and submission if interested. This application gives us a basic picture of your current living environment as well as your family's expectations. Once we receive the completed application, we review the questions and answers as compared to the needs of the individual dog you are inquiring about (ie: it would make no sense to pursue a potential adoption with a family who has three cats if the dog isn't fond of cats)

Once it is determined that Rock Star may fit wonderfully into your home, we will arrange a time to meet when it is of convenience to you so that you can better understand his characteristics and individual needs. We do allow out of state adoptions although we require at least one "in person" meeting with all of our potential adoptive families prior to selection and placement of our Rescue Dogs. Videos of our Rescue Dogs are available upon inquiry



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