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The Rescue Barn is a private rescue group intended to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home molossers/mastiff breeds in need. Our Rescued Dogs stay in our personal care in the comfort of our home from the time of surrender to the time of adoption and are an immediate part of our Rescue Rehabilitation Training Program. We accept into our Program very few dogs at a time to dedicate proper attention, focus and rehabilitation to each resident until rehoming. To visit our Available Dogs, please inquire about submitting an application to be considered for potential adoption and call for an appointment. Please browse thru the "ADOPTABLE" pages. All dogs listed on our pages are currently Available for Adoption.




The Rescue Barn accepts and houses a small number of animals at one time and welcomes new dogs only when there is appropriate space and available time for our assistants. The Rescue Barn is located in Connecticut and currently provides Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re socialization and Re-homing assistance for animal companions in Connecticut and the immediate surrounding states.

We do our very best to assist in urgent cases when owners have no other alternatives or when dogs are facing shelter/veterinary euthanasia. Our Rescue Program offers assistance thru evaluation, foster care and eventual placement for mastiff breeds in need of medical care, rehabilitation or environmental change. Many of our dogs spend a significant amount of time in professional training and/or on Cape Cod, MA for a one-on-one retreat during their initial rehabilitation and re training prior to availability.

Our current needs vary from the obvious "food, blankets and toys" necessary to take everyday care of multiple 100+ lb dogs on a daily basis to funds for veterinary care necessary to treat minor and major medical situations in order to provide health and wellness prior to availability for adoption.

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  Desperate Need for Help for our Resident Rescues  

IMMEDIATE FUNDS needed for our Residents food costs. offers us onsite free delivery of Acana Dry Dog Food which is our preference for our Rescue dogs' well being and healthy bodies during rehabilitation. Our food expense is on a rapid climb as our dogs are currently younger, growing and developing males with higher nutritional needs. We also currently have two severely underweight residents who are on a gain program of multiple meals daily. We have been finishing off 1-28 lb bag of food per week which sends this expense thru the roof, especially if the treats, toys and bones are added in. Please help feed our boys thru donations or direct gifts thru Our estimated food expense is approximately $400.00 per month

IMMEDIATE FUNDS needed for our Rescue Resident Batman to have follow up Heartworm care, bloodwork, cardiac ultrasound and veterinary recheck to confirm his negative status with previous heartworm positive test results. This follow up appointment is necessary for re-diagnosis to determine if he is heartworm free and is estimated at $400.00

IMMEDIATE FUNDS NECESSARY for Rescue Resident Romeo to offer him consultation regarding old injury to his rear ligaments. He has a beautiful attitude and is such a young fellow, the structurally inappropriate formation of his rear has caused him some difficulty and he now is in DESPERATE need of surgical repair. Surgery and Rehabilitation will relieve him of his discomfort and pain post needed ACL repair so he can live a beautiful, happy and normal life.

BLANKETS, TREATS, TOYS, ANTLERS, JOLLY BALLS!! We are always in need of things to keep our residents playing and occupied. Residents daily "fun". It is necessary to have them sleeping on soft blankets and beds, but the risk of damage is high with young, untrained guys. We take special care of their blankets and are always in need of newer sleepies so they can cuddle up and relax until they find a forever home. Interactive toys are a MUST in any rescue program and we give out plenty of treats. these expenses are part of the cost of having a foster dog, but when you have FIVE or SIX, the toys and treats go fast. Please donate to our boys so they can be comfy, happy, well fed and social.

Assist our Rescue Residents

Thank you for supporting our Rescue Program, we are actively working on a "wish list" page to direct order specific items, please check back as we are "under construction"


 To inquire about directly supporting one of our Rescue Residents individually thru our Sponsor Program please submit an inquiry to:





  Adoption/Surrender Inquiries to:

Mary Hannigan, Rescue Barn 860-946-9538



BPP Rescue Barn        I        CONNECTICUT and most NEW ENGLAND areas       I        phone: 860.946.9538



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