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 Rescue Barn Resident:

Victor is a happy and genreous red, male Dogue De Bordeaux

Victorious is a typical cuddler, always taking in a hug when offered. He is a lovely senior boy with a playful puppy attitude.

For 7.5 years Victor lived in the yard of his home, outside as a 'family pet'. He was tucked inside late in the evening and left out day after day to protect his family's yard. He often was found running the streets and returning home late in the day for the possibility of a meal and evening nap. Victor weathered the bitter cold of New England winters and heat of the summer sun outdoors. He knew only that of what a dog does to "survive".

Victor found Rescue when his owners home was broken into and robbed of belongings. His family very quickly moved on to a safer residence and left Victor behind in the vacant yard while their home was put up for sale.

He was brought to foster care for some TLC and was welcomed into our Rescue Program. We gave him the name "Victorious" as his Victory started when he entered our Rescue and rehabilitation Program. He has the chance for health and wellness now that he has someone to care for him and give him the proper medical attention he needs.

Victor is an adorable sweetheart of a boy. He loves to snuggle and play in the yard. He is quiet in the home and has basic manners of appreciation. He is learning proper outside manners and introductions and is generally just a good guy!

Victor has his very own FACEBOOK PAGE with current daily updates, photos and videos of his daily care. Visit "Victor French Mastiff" often... "like" and "share" his page!!

Victorious' first veterinary appointment was March 23rd at our animal health clinic. This appointment included blood work for Heartworm and parasitic infestation which resulted in positive for all issues. He will need to be treated for Hookworm, Whipworm, Lyme Disease and Heartworm.

Victor's next appointment will begin treatment for intestinal parasites and Lyme disease followed by work up for Heartworm plans. We are desperately asking for donations to assist with the expense for his veterinary care to get him well.

Please donate to Victor

Assist with Intestinal Parasite and Heartworm Treatment for Victor

Watch for Victor on Facebook ("Victor French Mastiff")

where we will continue to post all *new*, updated photos all the time.

Contact us for an adoption application


Our Rescue Barn has available for adoption Molosser Breeds who have become homeless, have successfully completed our Rescue Rehabilitation Program and are ready for placement.

To inquire about Victor and his potential adoption contact us for an adoption application. The application will then be returned to you by email for your review and submission if interested. This application gives us a basic picture of your current living environment as well as your family's expectations. Once we receive the completed application, we review the questions and answers as compared to the needs of the individual dog you are inquiring about (ie: it would make no sense to pursue a potential adoption with a family who has three cats if the dog isn't fond of cats)

Once it is determined that Victor may fit wonderfully into your home, we will arrange a time to meet when it is of convenience to you so that you can better understand his characteristics and individual needs. We do allow out of state adoptions although we require at least one "in person" meeting with all of our potential adoptive families prior to selection and placement of our Rescue Dogs. Videos of our Rescue Dogs are available upon inquiry



Adoption/Surrender Inquiries to:

Mary Hannigan, Rescue Barn 860-946-9538



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